30 Minute Virtual Design

Are you feeling stuck? Do you need help with your remodel? Are you running across questions from your contractor that you don't understand? You may not need a commitment to a complete designer package. 

Interior design is a language and a system all it's own.  It can be confusing.  It's the little things that can get you in trouble with your design.  Misunderstandings and miscommunications can be very costly.

Some examples of questions answered.

  • Dave was concerned about how to create a wheelchair accessible bathroom.  While the design he came up with looked great, there were measurement requirements for the bathroom that the he didn't know about. His plan would not have had room for a wheelchair.  By asking a few simple questions, he was able to build a bathroom that would accomplish his goals.

  • Jennifer had me look at a sofa she was interested in buying.  While it was beautiful, it was too big for her space.  It wouldn't have worked.  I saved her thousands of dollars. Once she saw the problem, she was able to select the perfect sofa for her space.

  • Kathy was interested in new window treatments but wasn't sure what would look good. After a discussion, we determined the best solution for her needs and where to buy them.

  •  Renee needed some help placing pictures around her home.  Thanks to zoom, we were able to find the perfect spot for each one.

These are just some of the issues that people have asked. Sometimes a little help is all you need to create  the makeover over your dreams. 

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