There's no place

like home

You may not have to visit Oz and kill a witch to realize that home has a very special ring to it.  It's yours.  Your space to relax, to shut out the rest of the world, to be yourself. 
Home is where we recharge, it's where we raise families, it's where we cry, laugh, celebrate, grieve.  It's where life happens.   It's where memories happen.
Your home is a reflection of you.  As your life changes, so does your home.  Remember the mural you put on the wall for Suzie? The doorframe where the children were measured.  
There are a few iconic things from my childhood home.  The biggest was the stage mural behind the organ.  We had concerts in the home and this was our little theatre.  It was the space of so many memories. I'll never forget the day it was covered up, it was like someone had come in and killed my childhood home. When i saw that it was gone, I felt a deep pang in my heart..   It was time for a new life but that mural was so iconic of the home.  One of the few things that hadn't changed in nearly 50 years.  
I also remember with great fondness my lime green carpet. Yeah, I know...but when I was  a kid, it was wonderful.   My mom loved to move bedrooms around.   I remember when I moved out of that room and lost the lime green carpet.  I loved my new room but there was a pang ....that carpet ...and it would have looked better in my new room which had a big mural of a botanical garden.   The new room was a much better fit, I was letting go of some childhood and the green carpet was part of that.
Things change.  Sometimes you have to let go of the old for the new.  The new is more exciting and offers many new opportunities to explore who you are now.   
The wonderful thing about Dorothy returning home is that she did have her adventure, she saw another land, she learned and changed and was able to take that back with her.  Home was a place to live, to love to live in.   It's important that our home reflects us and gives you a place to love to live in and grow into your best you.