Celebrate Your Style

You love art, the pieces you picked up in Rome on that trip 5 years ago, the piece you found at the Wistaria festival last spring, the picture your granddaughter drew you for Mother's Day.  How do you put them all together?

You wonder just what is Modern Farmhouse style and why do I want it? It doesn't quite fit you. Nor do some of the other HGTV gurus.

Your real question is WHAT IS MY STYLE?

Your style fits who you are, what makes you happy and what gives you joy.  It is a reflection of the true you, your inner beauty, and all the things that you love.

Your style celebrates what is unique about you.

It's time to celebrate you and your style.  To be surrounded by a home that celebrates the best parts of who you are.  A home that brings you joy and peace every day.

If this sounds like you, you will enjoy this one-room makeover challenge.

Celebrate your Style

In this course you will:

  • discover YOUR style

  • Find your inspiration piece

  • How to use color to create the mood

  • Learn which shapes can give you energy and improve how you feel in the space

  • How to put all the elements together.

"Now my living room is so comfortable I love coming home and being in it. I didn’t think that I could feel more comfortable in my own home, but I was surprised at how much more welcome and inviting my home feels. I have even noticed that my friends are starting to come around more often." Ken Leslie

"Jeanette created peace and harmony in my living space, completely changing my whole life and how I feel about my house. It’s finally a reflection of ME. Now I have a comfortable peaceful home that I love, am proud of, and all my friends compliment and say how wonderful it is." Valerie Hines

Sign up today and get started creating your ideal room. 

In 4 short weeks you will have transformed one room to inspire you and create more joy in your home and then you can use this same process in the future to transform any room in your house.

For just $347, you will have a room you will love to live in.





Course starts 2/1/2021.  Calls will be recorded and you will also have access to a facebook group where you can ask questions.

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