Color your Workspace

Color Works

Let’s face it:  in our world today, our work space is often where we spend most of our precious time.  And just as aligning your personality with your home is imperative, it’s absolutely critical to align your personality with your office or study. 

In this package, I will personally guide you in selecting accessories that will liberate and fast-track your productivity, and I will assist in placing photographs and/or paintings.  Furthermore, I will conduct a personal “Season Analysis” – you’ll learn what palettes and textures work best for you and we’ll make each decision process much easier and more effective because they will be based out of season coordination.

Executive Color Works
For those in decision making positions, you need and deserve a space that clears your mind to make clear choices for your vision and your team.  In that light, I’ve created this “Executive Color Works” Package. 
It includes everything laid out in the “Color Works” Package, however, it also includes additional 1 on 1 guidance to select the most beneficial furniture, paint, and drapery options for your Executive Office to help you conquer your productivity goals. ​
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