Colorful Healing

Room Rx
Sometimes, just as we occasionally become ill, our living spaces also can grow a feeling of sickness.  They may be (or become) dreary, dark, and otherwise unsettling.  If you’re feeling an overwhelming lack of energy, this might be just what the Room Doctor ordered.  “Room Doctor Rx” includes a 2 hour long 1 on 1 consult with me to establish the best prognosis to prescribe the most healing design options for your stagnant living space. ​
Room Rx Extra Strength
For those in need of a more intensive and inclusive healing process, this package was created as a supplement to the “Room Doctor Rx” Package.  It includes everything in the “Room Doctor Rx” Package in addition to 10 individual guided healing sessions.  Healing sessions dive into the underlying causes (dis-eases) that are creating your living spaces to drain you from realizing your full potential.​
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