Discover your Design Blueprint

You may have heard that energy is everything. This is particularly true in your home.  What energy do you want to create?  What energy do you want to live in?

The answer is going to be different for everyone.  And you may even have a different answer for each room.  Your office may need to be dynamic, your kitchen friendly, your bedroom calm and quiet.  

Your home is a reflection of you and therefore the perfect fit for the energy in your home is a reflection of your energy.   What do I mean?  We all have personalities, energy express how we think, feel and act.  There are certain shapes, colors, textures and styles that do that more than others.   You may have some of them in your home.  You may not.  How do you know what works for you?  What 's going to reflect who you really are?

We each have our own design blueprint and when you figure that out, you can use this blueprint in all aspects of your life.   Your home, your car, your artwork, your clothes, your jewelry.  It can extend to every part of your life.

When you live in your blueprint, you will feel more empowered, more at ease, more relaxed, in short, you will feel more like you. Even if your partner isn't the same blueprint as you, you will learn how to make sure there are elements for both of you in the space.   

These tools will take the pain out of shopping because you will know exactly what you are looking for. It takes all the guesswork and overwhelm away.  It either fits your blueprint or it doesn't.  It makes decision making easy.  When you go into a tile store and feel overwhelmed, you just need to apply these tools to narrow down your choices and then it gets easy.

This course will help you discover your blueprint, get all the details regarding what they are, and help you understand and use them for yourself.  You will practice using the tools so that you know that you fully understand them.

This course is meant to open you up to the vision of what your energy looks like. Once you can see that vision, it makes discovering you much easier. It will take the indecision out of designing your home as well. 

If you are ready to discover the visual side of your energy, sign up now.  This course is usually $1500 but for a limited time, I am offering it at $747