transform through creation

I come alongside you as we transform your home into your sacred space.  A place where you can thrive and explore  your soul.

Is it time to rediscover yourself?

Find the real you, the one that makes you feel like you can do anything.

Before the dragonfly gets his wings, she has to build a cocoon. The cocoon is for protection while she transforms.

It takes hard work to transform but when she breaks through, she is beautiful, she is strong and she is free.

Is it time to find your wings?

Breaking that cocoon isn't easy.  It takes work.

Having the right guide can make a big difference in breaking through.


Are you ready to take that first step in breaking the cocoon.

Sign in here to get your copy of Breaking the Cocoon

Rediscover yourself

Align yourself with your environment.

Create a new outlook on your world. 

If you are tired of feeling agitated by your surrounding

and you are secretly saying to yourself . .

“It just doesn't feel right”

“ It’s awful and I can’t stand it anymore.”

“……it’s MY turn now.”

YES it's YOUR turn now. 


I  am the author of the amazon #1 bestselling book What's Color Got To Do With It. 

I change, I heal, I nurture you and your home.  My clients always tell me about the things that "Got fixed" that they never told me were broken.  What I do is transform your home with the alchemy of color, design  and lots of Tender Loving Care.  I have a Full-Service Design Studio and I personally help guide you through every step of the process.  I help you to make the process, fun, enlightening and long lasting.

Read my book to learn how the power of color can energize and inspire your room.

The Color Whisperer - Home Remodels, Color consultant book

If you’ve ever visited a home improvement store and left without any paint at all, or you wish you knew all of the “best kept secrets” to surround yourself in colors that inspire and energize you, it is time for you to discover What’s Color Got To Do With It?

What Clients have to say

I never would have been able to pick this out myself.  What we found is beautiful and beyond what I knew how to dream.  The benefits of hiring a designer who understands my taste and needs was invaluable to the project. With Jeanette's help, we created a home that makes me happy every day. - Katherine.

8 tips to uplift your home

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