Jeanette can make good use of your home and give you more storage and design with your needs in mind. When Jeanette 1st met with us we were asked several questions, so she could better identify our personalities (that was a big eye-opener for us!) That led to her designing for us the spaces we really could use. Like everything else that you might not have ever done before, we were feeling more assured from that moment on. We were able to see it all come together, and not have to much stress over the process."


~ Carol Ozer

"I just recently purchased a home that needed some sprucing up before I moved in. Jeanette was referred to me as someone that would be able to assist me in this task.  The first time we met she had a number of cost-effective ideas that she came up with just from walking through the house with me.  I knew from this first meeting that she was someone that I would be comfortable working with on making these changes. The kitchen cabinets were painted a different color,  a new countertop installed and a new tile backsplash added.  The colors she suggested for these changes were coordinated to highlight the furniture I was going to use in the dining area.  I can honestly say that the kitchen looks 100% better with these changes."


~ Kathy Winthrop

"I wanted to redo my master suite but didn’t want more yellow in my house. However, I just couldn’t visualize anything else. I needed help. I had seen work that Jeanette had done for a friend of mine and loved what she had done with the color and how it transformed the home. I called Jeanette and she got to work. She found a soothing, wonderful color for me and everyone who comes in is pleasantly surprised by it. It’s not a color that they would expect, but they really like how it works with the rest of the house and the peacefulness that it creates in my home. Working with Jeanette was great. Working with someone and having the security of knowing that they would give you colors that work with each other and the rest of your home is so nice. I really appreciate the peace of mind I have when I enter the room now and how relaxing and comfortable it is."
~Barbara Johnson


"I wanted a sophisticated, elegant look that I knew I couldn’t achieve on my own. I didn’t have the time to do all the research and shopping that needed to be done on my remodel. Hiring Jeanette saved me a great deal of time and stress and I was more than happy to pay for the support she provided. Jeanette is pleasant and easy to work with and grasped the essence of my taste very quickly. She was very responsive and understood what I was looking for. She worked with my schedule and we communicated well through email. We reworked my bathroom so that it would be easier to use as I have a bad knee, and now it is so much more comfortable for me to use. My home is attractive, comfortable, and more aesthetically pleasing. I am an artist, and it shows off my artwork beautifully. With Jeanette’s help, my home allows me to shine. "
~ Jean Ford

"I was downsizing and moving to a new home. I had used designers in the past and knew that I wanted to use a designer again. I wanted someone with expertise to help me put the house together so it made sense and not be a hodge podge of stuff thrown together. I also knew I wanted access to the resources that a designer has- how they can visualize a space and create a mood. When I met her I immediately knew that Jeanette had a personality that I could work with. She kept me involved in the process and has an excellent color sense. I liked that the design she created really ‘looked like me.’ She was very good at tapping into my personality and what I wanted for the room. I appreciated her ability to create a total picture and presenting it in a way that is easy for you to visualize. She has excellent resources and can accommodate whatever you can imagine."


~ Jaquelynne Stever


"When I found Jeanette I had been looking to hire a designer for some time. I found my home to be plain and felt it needed window treatments, but didn’t know where to start or how to do it. I am a busy professional and don’t have a lot of time for shopping. Jeanette’s passion for color and the idea of my home matching my personality, capturing my essence, told me she was the person I needed. A no pressure kind of project manager, Jeanette is easy to work with. She worked on MY time schedule and is honest and dependable. She took a room that was too bright to sleep in and made it a very comfortable and usable room. It is so cozy and comfortable in my home now I feel hugged every time I come home. "


~ Linda K.

"I remember you telling me, pick what I wanted for the colors, not what some stranger will like when we sell – and I’m very happy I listened to you on that and I still LOVE the colors I picked for our master bathroom."


~ Loretta Vigil

"Working with Jeanette Chasworth to design what I envisioned for a new kitchen.  She was able to sense and bring to reality my dream kitchen which I think turned out to be fabulous! 


This impression f the completed project has been validated by all of my friends who have seen it."


~ Stan S

"The kitchen that I have now is much more beautiful and comfortable than what I envisioned prior to the remodel.  Jeanette’s work is incredible. She has the uncanny ability to customize your kitchen to fit you perfectly. A “Chasworth” kitchen captures who you are and creates a space in which you feel happy."


~ Kathryn W.


"I have a very busy life so when I was faced with the responsibility of preparing my aunt’s property for rental, I was overwhelmed with the task at hand. Not only did the home’s interior need a facelift but all the contents of the home had to be sorted, thrown away, given away or sold. Jeanette handled everything for me from creating piles of files and paperwork that needed my review to take special pieces to antique dealers or posting items on Craigslist. Once she got the place cleaned out, her vision for how to turn this dark space into a beautiful and inviting home environment was right on. She discovered the beautiful wood floors under the carpets, carefully selected paint to brighten up the walls, took off all the outside shutters to create sunlight, openness, and charm, and updated all the fixtures with a retro 40′s look to keep the house in integrity with the period it was built. Her network of resources was unbeatable. In fact, I am now using her resources for the everyday needs I have in my own home. The people she brought together to repair, redo, paint, plaster, etc were reliable, quick, and did a great job. All of this and at such a reasonable price. Jeanette really did a great job of staying within the budget we had decided upon. I will recoup all these charges within the first few months of rent received. The place rented two weeks after it’s completion for top dollar. I highly recommend Jeanette and her vision for bringing out the best in your home. She is a pleasure to work with. Reliability, creativity, and integrity are commodities so rare to find these days and Jeanette, embodies all these qualities, and so does the team that works with her."


~Anu Fergod

"I have a small living room and just couldn’t figure out what I didn’t like about it. I knew it just wasn’t right. We didn’t have a large budget for renovations, so a few constraints had to be worked with, but I knew it had to change. I had seen Jeanette’s work at my office, and under some very difficult restraints, dealing with a product that had been decided upon before she was hired.
She had done such an excellent job selecting the color and making what we had look more professional and elegant I knew she was the one to call. She was very easy to work with and didn’t make me feel like I should know things that I didn’t, or make a lot of demands. She shares her vision with you and really includes you in the process. Jeanette was able to use furniture we already had, really helping to ease the strain of our low budget, and added some suggestions on paint and accessories. Now my living room is so comfortable I love coming home and being in it. I didn’t think that I could feel more comfortable in my own home, but I was surprised at how much more welcome and inviting my home feels. I have even noticed that my friends are starting to come around more often."
~ Ken Leslie
"I needed a designer because my living room was dark, plain, and uncomfortable. I had been looking at it for a long time and I just couldn’t see an answer. I met with Jeanette and she seemed to get who I was and want my style was right away. She worked quickly, redesigning the floor plan on her first visit. She knew where the room was going and how to get there. We just really clicked together. I liked that I could express my opinion and that it was important to her process to have my input. She didn’t make me feel stupid or try and force me into something I didn’t want because she thought it would work. Jeanette created peace and harmony in my living space, completely changing my whole life and how I feel about my house. It’s finally a reflection of ME. Now I have a comfortable peaceful home that I love, am proud of, and all my friends complement and say how wonderful it is."
~ Valerie Hines


"I needed some professional advice to make my home look the way I wanted it to look. My bathroom needed some renovations and I didn’t want to do it myself, so I hired Jeanette. She was referred to me and I was impressed with her color sense, good resources, dependability, and easy manner. Jeanette has now done many different projects in our home and we have been happy with the results and the experience. "


~ Katie Chandler

"I am checking out colors you picked for the hall and downstairs. You add colors to a white house and usually, I have found it makes the house look smaller. I am blown away again the yellow you choose actually makes it look like we have a bigger house. The other thing that blows me away is how good the colors you have selected play with the light. Thanks again for all your work." 


~Mark W. "I am checking out colors you picked for the hall and down stairs. You add colors to a white house and usually I have found it makes the house look smaller.I am blown away again the yellow you choose actually makes it look like we have a bigger house. The other thing that blows me away is how good the colors you have selected play with the light. Thanks again for all your work." ~Mark W.

"There are so many decisions to make regarding tile, fixtures, and so on that, it’s a blessing to have a gifted designer like Jeanette by your side.  Jeanette is able to listen to what you hope to achieve, intuit what makes you feel comfortable, and then design a bathroom that is precisely and beautifully what you wanted. I would not have the perfection of design without Jeanette."
~ Kathryn W.
Sparkling, Fresh, and Truly Amazing!

"It is a bathroom that I never thought could happen beyond my wildest dreams."


~ Carol Ozer


"It was a pleasure to hear her speak on color and design.  I was pleasantly surprised by the insight she gave me on how powerful color is in our lives and learnt a lot about the many different ways color effects our lives.  As a speaker, Jeanette has the wonderful gift of holding the rooms attention throughout the whole presentation.  Her passion for color and changing and improving people’s lives truly shines through.  She speaks from the heart and is a complete professional to work with. A highly recommend her as a speaker."


~ Marianne  Emma Jeff

"Jeanette’s talk was insightful and… taught me that color is more than just a design element. It is a tool that can influence our mood and lifestyle. I found myself looking around at the color in my environment and being more aware of how it made me feel and what I was drawn to. It was fascinating to learn how people’s gravitation toward particular colors was indicative of their personality type." 


~ Kim Cabanting

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