Create with Confidence room design

Do you have a room in your house that is just driving you crazy?  You know there's something not quite right but you don't know what it is?

Are you working on a room but are just plain stuck and you are sick of shopping and spending hours looking at possibilities on houzz or other platforms looking for ideas?


What if you could get access to the knowledge to create the energy and feel of the space. Whether it's the tools you need to make your home office more productive or help you get a more peaceful night's sleep.  


Your home is a reflection of you and when you change it to reflect the you that you are becoming, it makes it easier to step into that new you.


This is a two hour session where we look at what things energize you, how do you need to feel in the space and what are the tools you need to create it.  You will also get a list of the things you need to consider in the space and places you can look for them.  Time permitting, I also do some online shopping with you.


Forget the stuck,  you will be empowered to create the best room for you. 

This is normally a $700.00 course

but to help you reach your sacred space,

For Valentine's Day, It is discounted 50%

only $349.99

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