Working with The Color Whisperer can be done on several levels depending on your need.  We love working with you to get a sense of your style and create a home that you never knew you always dreamed of.  We like to introduce you to new ideas and educate you on the newest products out there.   We have a system that will help us to develop the perfect design for you and there will be several interview questions to help us discover your essence.  Once that is complete, the fun begins.  You do not need to know your style ahead of time,we will help you to discover it.  If you have some pictures, that can be helpful, but it is not necessary.  Do not worry about "the mess".  That's why we are there, to help you with it.  If your place was perfect, you wouldn't have called us.

discover your design blueprint-conscious color consultation

We each have our own individual design blueprint. Every one of us is unique and the styles, colors, shapes, and textures that reflect there energy. Once you know what these are than it makes shopping much easier.  These are tools that you can use in every area of your life.  When you live in your design blueprint, you will feel more comfortable with yourself, your home, and your world.

bless this

Are you working on your home and just want the opinion of a professional designer, or get some questions asked regarding your project. This is the program for you.  

Finesse this

Do you need some help with what's not working, wanting to update something to make it fit more modern styles and your lifestyle now. With this package, we can look at what you have, go over what your needs are and make a few suggestions.  We can do this electronically and do up to 3 passes to make your room work for you.


We are a full service design firm and we can help you every step of the way to get your project done, from inception through completion.  We work with you to create your dream home.  We help you through the process and make it easier for you.

Design day vIP package

The is the ultimate VIP design experience.  

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