Suddenly Single

There's something wonderful, comforting, safe about being part of a couple.  There's someone else there to help, to help you with decisions.  but then it ends.  And you find yourself "suddenly Single".  Whether it happened by death or divorce, it feels like you have lost your left arm.  It's a huge part of you, how you function, how you work, and now sucdenly it's gone.  Who YOU are is different.    You are no longer half of a team. There's a hole inside of you that you need to fill and you need to recreate yourself.  

Everyone grieves differently and the circumstances around your singleness will drive how you grieve.  There may be a time  where you are immobilized.  Unable to change anything...but realize....I can't stay "here", I can't stay being "wife".  I have to be ME.  In the case of divorce, maybe you've been fighting for that right for a long time.  Even in the happiest of marriages, you have been working as a team...and there's a new you that you need to find.   There's a time where you need to get rid of "us" and find YOU.

It's overwhelming, where do you start?  Your home is a reflection of who you are, it's a great place to help you discover who you are in the next phase of your life.  

Change can be hard and it can be scary and it can be a great adventure where you get to explore and grow and find out new things about you. It's a time to recreate you.   Recreating is exciting and I can help you recreate  your world.

My unique system gets you in touch with your own intrinsic design blueprint, the beauty that is you and reflects your energy.  We take those same principles and apply them to your home so that your home. So your home becomes the foundation of your transformation. When you allow your home to reflect your true energy, it makes it easier for you to step into the next part of your life.  


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