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Are you feeling stuck at home?  Is something always ‘in the way’?  Your makeshift home office has made the rest of your home smaller?  Is the kids ‘schoolroom’ overflowing all over the house? 


You’ve cleaned the house, and you cleaned the house again.  But it’s not working, because your house isn’t ‘dirty’.  You are looking for a change in the way your home works for you.


Your home ‘hugs’ you every day, or your home takes away your energy.  It fits how you live your life.  And even if your home was well designed by a professional beforehand, that plan was not ready for the changes that have come in early 2020.  You need to have a new plan for this crisis.  That new plan might require moving some furniture, or might require a full makeover.  But when you change it, you change your house, but that changes everything about how you live!  Right now, we need to focus our attention on things that give us energy!


When your home is well prepared for your life, that energy makes everything easier.  Restoring the flow of your home stops the nagging reminders of being ‘stuck’, and instead give us the ability to thrive – turning a ‘crisis zone’ into your own personal sanctuary that heals and satisfies your soul.


…is a great way to transform your home with few purchases (or even no new purchase at all!)  Innovative Southern California designer Jeanette Chasworth takes a look at your home, detecting what’s working, and improvements to be made.  It may be as simple as moving some furniture or accessories.  It might be repurposing a space of your home for greater efficiency.  We are all using our homes differently.  Redesign creates a space that fits your needs now will help you go through self-distancing easier. 


With Jeanette’s redesign program, she takes a virtual walk through your home and focuses on one room that you are really struggling with and we will look at what is working and what isn’t.  She can provide solutions to make the room work for you, and simple fixes that have a big impact.  If needed, she can assist with shopping online for items to complete your room.                                                  



Home energy clearing.   

…is the ultimate step in “Spring Cleaning” your home!  You’ve cleaned the floors, counters, desks, and chairs.  Now, completely clean all the spiritual energy in the home!  You might have a home that isn’t truly ‘your own’ yet, and you feel the energy from the previous owners, or other times of crisis in your past, like an illness, unemployment, or a loss in your family.


Now is the time to clean the energy of your home, and get a fresh start in a home filled with happiness! 


Creating a home that works with you makes it easier to get through the tough times together.

A child of a client said...if I put my ear to the wall, I hear it singing a happy song.


It's a tough time right now but we can make it through together.  Creating a home that works with you will help make it a lot easier.


If you purchased these redesign and home energy clearing programs separately, the cost would be $1000.00 but for now, I am bundling them together for just $750.00 and as a bonus, you will get one-month free access to my membership site so that you can ask me questions. ($97)

Let's recreate your living space so that you can enjoy living in your own personal sanctuary.



"I have a small living room and just couldn’t figure out what I didn’t like about it. I knew it just wasn’t right. We didn’t have a large budget for renovations, so a few constraints had to be worked with, but I knew it had to change. I had seen Jeanette’s work at my office, and under some very difficult restraints, dealing with a product that had been decided upon before she was hired.
She had done such an excellent job selecting the color and making what we had look more professional and elegant I knew she was the one to call. She was very easy to work with and didn’t make me feel like I should know things that I didn’t, or make a lot of demands. She shares her vision with you and really includes you in the process. Jeanette was able to use furniture we already had, really helping to ease the strain of our low budget, and added some suggestions on paint and accessories. Now my living room is so comfortable I love coming home and being in it. I didn’t think that I could feel more comfortable in my own home, but I was surprised at how much more welcome and inviting my home feels. I have even noticed that my friends are starting to come around more often."
~ Ken Leslie
My daughter said after the energy clearing,  If I put my ear to the wall, I can hear it singing a happy song. -Bridget
What I loved about working with Jeanette was that even though she's never seen my home or pictures of it, she was able to quickly and easily identify several areas that were holding stuck, unproductive energy and most importantly, she was able to give me quick remedies that have totally transformed areas of my home into brighter, lighter, more welcoming spaces. Her skills at distance clearing are truly remarkable. She was able to locate a painting I had put away that needed to come out again and a set of wooden toys that needed to lighten up a part of my home. Really uncanny. - Mary from Richmond, VA
When Jeanette suggested I do an energy clearing on my home, I didn't quite know what to expect.  The work she had done in my home regarding the interior had made a big difference in how I lived in my space.  I was amazed at how much difference the house energy clearing made.  Jeanette's lightness of touch to her work empowers me to see mine. See things from another angle. Intangible emotions are hard to put into words. She cleared the intangible emotions from the house so that they can be tangibly recognized and cleared. The house is much lighter and at ease in a way that I never dreamed possible. - Colin
Jeanette did a clearing on my office.  The next day, my friend came over and commented that the room felt really different.  She asked what was different and when I explained, she said yes, the energy is very different.- Aliah


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