A can of paint can change your life!

Color is everywhere we look, and everywhere we don’t look. Most people don’t realize how much it affects us, both consciously and subconsciously. 


You’ve been exposed to color on a daily basis, from the moment you were born. But how often do you think about color’s effects on your physical and emotional health? 


Color can alleviate physical, emotional, and mental disorders. A few of these are: SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), arthritis, skin diseases, newborn jaundice, asthma, digestive ailments and eating disorders, fevers, autism, ADD/ADHD. Color therapy is also used to regularize circadian rhythms, enhance creativity and learning abilities, speed up the recovery process after an illness or operation, and more!


Jeanette Chasworth (The Color Whisperer) and Denise Turner (Color Turners) have over 50 years combined experience with color healing and have helped many people to be healthier and happier through the use of Color Therapy.


Do you want to be healthier and happier?


Sign up for this FREE Webinar-July 13th at 1PM, Pacific Time, where Jeanette and Denise will be sharing their knowledge to help you become Your best, through the use of Color Therapy.



Did you enjoy the seminar?   Do you want MORE?!
We will be hosting bimonthly webinars to teach you more about how color affects every aspect of your life.  
We will be selling this for $197 every month but we will be offering this for a limited time at $97/month.  
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