I Unblock Energy in Your Body and Home through a Process I call "Integrative Healing"



Our bodies have an amazing ability to heal when we get rid of the blocked emotions causing illness. 

Most people have a "stress disease" when they push themselves too hard. It may be a headache, acid reflux, backaches, or constipation.  Whatever it is, you already know what yours is.  You may deal with it once in a while or it may be a chronic issue.

Each pain is a cry for help from your body. It's telling you it's story of where it needs to be heard and what needs to be healed.  The problem is that most people don't know how to understand the message and most likely you have been given medicine to fix it.   While there are things that medicine may be best at healing, there are also alternative answers as well. The location of the pain indicates what organ or emotion may be trapped and asking to be healed.


When you are able to address that emotion and the blocks around it, your body can heal.   This is the basic principle behind energy work.  Clear the pathways and let your body heal.

I was first introduced to energy work when I developed asthma in my early 20s.  I was tired of inhalers and medicines that were causing other issues in me. I started looking for other ways of opening up my lungs such as exercise and I worked with a chiropractor, which helped some, but I still struggled.

I was referred to an energy healer who explained to me why I was struggling to breathe. My father had died when I was a year old and my brain hadn't developed enough to grief.  He was able to release that grief and I haven't had an attack since. 

Our bodies are amazing storytellers.  If you have looked into chiropractic medicine, you may have seen that each part of the spine relates to an organ in your body. That is why you feel so good when you go to the chiropractor. Not only is your back in alignment again, but your whole body has also been affected. 

There are pressure points in your foot that connect to the rest of your body. That's why a foot massage feels so good.  You don't need to know all the spots to create comfort and relaxation.   If you do know where the spots are, it creates a deeper level of relaxation and regeneration.  If you've ever been to a reflexologist, you will know what that feels like.

Integrated Healing is a revolutionary healing system that combines the best of modern Psychology, NLP, CBT, Physiology, Applied Kinesiology, Traditional Chinese Medicine, complementary medicine, and many other modalities, with its own unique methodologies, to give you a profound, yet simple, approach to healing. 

Integrative healing allows me to translate the story your body is saying and address the issue, thereby allowing your body to restore itself to it's optimum level.

Remove the block and remove the pain.

Virtual sessions


Your home protects you from the elements and gives you comfort and warmth. It also feels the energy of what happens inside of it. 

Have you ever walked into a room after an argument and you can feel the tension in the room? 

Have you ever gone into a room and just didn't feel right but you don't know why?  You may be picking up on something that happened in that space. 

Integrated healing works by clearing energy and it can also clear the energy in your home.

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Energy Balance

Find out what your body is saying. Relieve stress, pain, angst, and feel strong again. Remove energetic beliefs that are blocking you.

Home Energy Balance
The ultimate spring cleaning.  Clear out the negative energy that may be locked in your home from previous owners, or from difficult times in your life.  Create a fresh start and happy home.


What People are Saying
 Body Energy Testimonials


"My eyesight was so bad that even with glasses, I could see so poorly that I was almost considered legally blind. If my shoulders were the Y-axis and my nose being the X-axis and an inclined plane what is my eyesight I could see about 15 to 20% with my peripheral vision. But what I was seeing had to be very close. Last night Jeanette and I met and we started my first consultation. I was excited because even just after that I could see better now I’m not seeing 2020 I’m seeing very cloudy vision but I could see up to 35°. That’s a big deal and this morning I saw improvement. This evening I would say that looking straight ahead that’s a degree that I can see is about 80°. This is not perfect vision this is still very cloudy but it is a heck of a lot more that I could see than yesterday. Let me put this in perspective, when I went to the grocery store I could not see a grocery cart or person pushing it from my right side I would walk into people by accident. I don’t think I’m gonna have that much of a problem now."  Laura, Retiree. Downey, CA

"I have worked with Jeanette in a professional capacity for quite a while now. She has incredible natural healing gifts, and an uncanny intuitive sense. When my back went out (as it does from time to time from an injury stemming back from when I was 23 years old), Jeanette worked her Integrated Healing magic with me via distance healing. During the process, she told me things about my body that were so surprising that she knew! And within a day, my back felt surprisingly better! (Normally it takes me 1 - 2 weeks to recover when my back gets re-injured). I would 100% recommend Jeanette for your Integrative Healing needs!!"  Ann-Michele, intuitive counselor. Okanagan BC

"Thank you, Jeanette, for the energy healing this morning, I have been so sad, The grief I was feeling was overwhelming. It's the first day in a while that I haven't cried all damn day.  I am so grateful."- Aliah, Entrepener, Monrovia, CA

 Home Energy Testimonials
"What I loved about working with Jeanette was that even though she's never seen my home or pictures of it, she was able to quickly and easily identify several areas that were holding stuck, unproductive energy and most importantly, she was able to give me quick remedies that have totally transformed areas of my home into brighter, lighter, more welcoming spaces. Her skills at distance clearing are truly remarkable. She was able to locate a painting I had put away that needed to come out again and a set of wooden toys that needed to lighten up a part of my home. Really uncanny." - Mary, Graphic Designer, Richmond, VA
"When Jeanette suggested I do an energy clearing on my home, I didn't quite know what to expect.  After Jeanette had finished, there really was a tranquility to the place. I now feel a genuine welcome each time I walk into the house." - Colin, Edinburgh, Scotland
"My daughter said after the home energy clearing,  If I put my ear to the wall, I can hear it singing a happy song." -Bridget, Los Angeles, CA