It's a Colorful LIfe

Experience Your Color Palette Potential

Creating a color palette for your home is often one of the most daunting and confusing decorating tasks many people face. Each person in the home has different preferences, and there are soooo many colors out there to choose from, that you just don’t know where to start.


Just for a moment let yourself imagine – your home no longer feels dated or feels like the previous owner, you no longer will wake up in the middle of the night wondering how to solve your design challenge. Instead, you will have a home that: is using all its potential, that will give you energy, that reflects your personality.


While we create the perfect color palette for your home, you will also receive:


1 – 2 hour initial session with me (a $500 value)

1 – day shopping trip (a $1000 value)

1 – in home consultation reviewing fabrics and colors (a $500 value)

1 paint swatch follow up (a $500 value) 1 workbook with design options (a $1000 value)

Unlimited email access put for how long (a $1000 value)

Personal Design Blueprint 
The Plans to Build Your Best You!

Sometimes we need to completely redesign our living space in order to allow room for our best self to come forward.  Sometimes the need for change is too great and before design can happen, demolition is required.  

For this premiere package, I will walk you through the demolition so that it is done effectively and painlessly.  After that, I will create and provide your "Personal Design Blueprint" -- these design plans will provide fabrics, colors, paint, and floor plan in addition to the following:

furniture & accessories planning

establishing what shapes, textures, and tiles are most helpful and fitting for your design "personality"

1 on 1 shopping either in person or online

an entire overhaul of one room of your choice

This blueprint is my most personal and involved package.  If you need to revamp your space and your life, this is the most powerful package I offer.

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