Nature's Palette Paint

Looks like the grass might actually be "greener" now...

I'm so excited to share my latest project -- Nature's Palette -- a new high-end line of recycled paint to remain earth-conscious for all your design and renovation projects!


Once upon a time, painting your home or workspace was extremely harmful to the planet. Unused toxic pigments and painting supplies were often discarded as day-to-day waste which amplified the severity of the ever-present pollution poisoning our dear Mother Earth… until now!


Nature’s Palette grew out of a fertile soil of elegant design, conscious vision, and practical functionality. The colors are intended to mimic how nature paints the world – non-toxically – once over. They were designed to remind us of our favorite moments in nature – a warm cup of cider in the chilled Autumn air, the quench of oasis in the desert sunset, the gentle mountain breeze hidden among the snowcapped peaks, and so on. Nature’s Palette isn’t necessarily about bringing the outdoors in – it’s about complimenting the outside with the inside so that they bring us back to our connected roots. A distant life remembered. A life simpler. A life in harmony.


Our spectrum had to be informed by the environment. We want the colors to inspire certain moods – relaxation, elegance, peace, and inviting feelings. If you’re the kind of person who is conscious about the planet, there really isn’t any better choice than Nature's Palette. The colors and layer quality are homeruns for every design project I’ve worked with them on and I can’t wait to get started on my next one.



Another great feature of Nature's Palette is that you can donate your unused paint and supplies so they remain in a constant recycled loop safely away from the unnecessary consequences of pollution. Nature’s Palette is committed to the belief that there’s always another way to recycle, reduce, and reuse.



Nature’s Palette – The Conscious Side of Color.

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