Let’s Create Something New and let’s do it virtually during home time and quarantine.

Redesign your Peace of Mind,Helping you feel joy, freedom and creative flow, and love in the space you call home is what I live for. Listen, I know these are trying times, even for the strongest human beings, but this time will pass, and a new day will be upon us. As the days of shelter in place continue for a bit longer, why not take this time and redesign your peace of mind, your home? My new program starts with a virtual video tour of your entire home so I can get a good look at how you and I can create something amazing, with resources you may already own, and items you can pick up at stores labeled “Essential”.


Wall Decorations

Only $149 for an Experience that will Last a Lifetime! Join me today and let's create joy in this space of Quarantine.

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Redesigning your home during quarantine will bring you energy and a much-needed dose of human creative expression and it will be fun!

  • Learn how to work with your personal energy as you start to see how a redesign of your home can help you redesign your own feeling of peace and security during shelter in place.

  • Feel the power of change.  When you change your home, you allow it to tell a new story.  Let's create a new story right now, a better story.

  • Optimize your sanctuary during quarantine by committing to redesigning the flow in your home, while you are spending more time there than ever before.

My program is only $147 (Normally $297 Marked Down 50% for shelter at home).....and we can get started on your video walkthrough as soon as you sign up and complete a short color and personality intake form, used for me to help determine your color personality.


Let me tell you something about me. I am in love with my career and helping you feel hugged when you walk into your home. Every nook and cranny has energy. Color represents not only energy as a life-force but energy as memories, emotions and much more.

If you think this is just the refreshing break you need to break the quarantine blues, then I look forward to seeing what we can do together.


The quarantine has given me the opportunity to create this virtual video program that helps us connect with each other as humans going through the same situation – and it helps me, help you create a space that you love to be in every day, no matter what. And, just as a repeated phrase, I want you to feel a warm, big, loving, comfortable HUG when you enter your home, where you relax instantly.

The place where you share the love with family, make future plans and allow emotions to be expressed, is the sanctuary that holds energetic space for you. Where your daughter lost her first tooth, or you wrote that book you have been putting off, this sacred place called home has an impact on your inner harmony.

Your peace of mind is everything, especially during a national disaster as we are seeing today. Many are suffering from anxiety and depression simply because they are homebound and feel that they are not able to freely create. You may be feeling cabin fever yourself. Create with me and let’s bring your dreams and visions to life with shapes, colors, textures, and palettes that are just for you.






Well, if you have made it this far on the page, you may want to know more about who I am. I am an interior designer, with an intuitive twist that helps me give my clients a rounded experience that lasts a lifetime. With an affinity for literature, I take pride in bringing the often-hidden character of a home forward to engage in subconscious inspiration for my clients. From “Craftsman,” to “Contemporary,” I craft my signature approach to the contours of my clients’ preferences, goals, and personalities.

Would you be willing to share your home and personality with me and get yourself signed up for the best redesign course of your life?

Would you allow me to be in your home as you walk through it and show me where you settle in, hunker down and abide?

Once we have walked through your home, we will choose one room to work on and the process will be fun and easy, plus it will bring you back to life, allowing you to bloom in a room that feels amazing.


“Jeanette makes good use of your home and gives you more storage and design with your needs in mind. When Jeanette 1st met with us, we were asked several questions, so she could better identify our personalities (that was a big eye-opener for us!) That led to her designing for us the spaces we really could use. We were able to see it all come together, and not have too much stress over the process."

Carol O. Homemaker San Gabriel



So, what do you say? Do you want to do something radically different while you are in your home, with your family, with an eagerness to create? I promise you the $147 investment will yield a lifetime of rewards.

YES! Sign me up.


No. Sorry. Just not ready.

If you just are not ready today, then I would invite you to sign up for a 30 Minute Session with me and let’s get to “Virtually Know” each other anyway. Sound good?



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I see you! We are all sheltered in place at this point in time. I know you are anxious to get back to your life but what if you could look at this precious time as the perfect time to redesign your home and the energy around your living space?

I created this program so we could get to know each other and I can support you in redesigning the space that holds the love, your family, your memories and your future dreams.