Jeanette Chasworth, ASID
Certified Interior Designer
Certified Aging-In-Place Specialist INTERIOR DESIGN

You walk in the door of your home and you are greeted by two arms that wrap around you and hug you tight. Those arms love, appreciate and support you. 


This feeling is how you know you’re home. 

It’s about knowing you belong here, a place that you feel free to be yourself and accepted for all of who you are. That hug…speaks volumes without saying a word.  


What is it that makes a hug so wonderful…it’s connection, an alliance and feeling safe. What if your home could make you feel this way every time you walked in the door?  What if you could feel that connection, that homey feeling, and be supported by your home?

How is that possible?...You may think it's just things...


Ahh yes but things have energy.. everything has energy. Color has energy.

Your home is sacred, Where you live makes a big difference. Every little thing in your home influences you through it's colors, shapes and textures.

When you have the right combination of colors, shapes and textures that fit your energy, something magical happens.


You feel more alive, your home feels more aligned and the energies support each other. They create a mood, one that empowers you to be more you.

It's like how you feel in your favorite you can take on the world....what if your home could make you feel like that every day. 

Design isn't just about being's about creating an environment, one that inspires you, makes you feel good, one that tells your story. Whether you want something calm and relaxing and a quiet place to rest from the world or show your adventurous side. Maybe you prefer casual and fun or bold and beautiful....Either way, your home tells the story of you. Careful selection of everything in it makes it a reflection of your true self. That creates power within you. It can help you to reach the next level in your life, calm you down at the end of a hard day, energize you in the morning and yes, it can make you feel hugged every time you walk through the door.

Have you ever lived anywhere very sterile and home was just a place you was cold, unwelcoming and boring..When it doesn't match your energy it literally can drain you. But when you have the right pieces, colors, shapes, textures, it empowers you, increases your energy, increases your sense of you and when you walk in the door, you say...ahhhhh I'm home now....this is what it's supposed to be. And that's exactly what I can create for you.

I have a personality test that I follow and lets me know just what shapes, textures and colors are right for you. If there's more than one person, we take elements of each persons needs and combine them. 

This tool helps me to design, not just in your style, but in your energy, design for you, design for your soul.

I help you to create a home that reflects you and makes you feel more alive.  Together we create something that your soul always wanted and didn't know how to express. 


Your home whispers to me and tells me how to make it shine.

My technique is a little esoteric but it helps narrow down the choices for the client and make it easy. If they choose to, they can learn their own blueprint and can use that to make design decisions throughout their life.  My clients say that I make the design process fun and easy.  They are amazed by how comfortable and happy their home feels when it's done and they feel like it is their sacred space. Their oasis from the world.  And yes they feel hugged every time they walk through the door.


It’s all about energy, creating the energy you want to feel when you enter your home, matching the energy in your home with yours can empower you. It can make you feel more relaxed, more energized. More you.  Everything is energy, your home is no exception. Everything in your home, the shapes, the textures, the colors all are energy. They all tell the story of you. When you craft that story to match your energy or the energy you want to achieve, you become the hero of your story. Your energy increases.

If you would like to feel hugged by your home every time you walk through the door, please call 626 485 6354 to book your free color whispering session.

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