reveal your colors

Is picking a color for your room overwhelming you? You read in a magazine that color went with everything, but you aren’t really resonating with it. You went to the paint store and you saw more colors than you could imagine. You bought some and it didn’t look like what you saw on the paint chip.


What if you could know what the right color for you is? The color that would make you feel “at home”.


Did you know that color has energy to it? Some are soft and calm while others are exciting and bold. Some are happy and light. Some colors spark imagination or create communication. There’s a color for every mood.


Matching that color energy to your energy is the secret in making a good choice in colors for your home. Yes, we all have heard of personality tests...are you a leader, a supporter, a cheerleader, an analyst? Each has its own energy, and matching the energy of the color to your energy gives you more power.


When you are selecting items for your home, if you can asses the energy of the item, you will know whether it’s a match for you or not. Once you know your energy and the energy of your home, going shopping will be easy. Your eye will beeline for the energetic match for you.


Want to know what your energy is? Want to learn what colors are a match for your energy?


I created a program specifically for you. Discover your soul color. In this program, I will show you your color range and what is unique about it. You will be able to use this template to look at color in a whole new way. You will never look at color the same way again.


What you will get:


  • Color personality assessment worksheet


  • Assessment for you and your house so you know what to look for. (ask about prices for additional household members)


  • Explanation of how to assess color according to your worksheet


  • Get through the overwhelm and be able to make a better color selection for anything in your home.


YES, I want to know my colors!



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