Every job is different.  Every client  is different.  Everybody has different needs and we have several ways to help you.

Complimentary 30 minute session - Let's see what your needs really are and how to serve you.

Home Review - What could your home be?  There is so much potential in your home, let's see what possibilities exist.

VIP Day Makeover - This is a "get it done" day.  5 hours of design and/or shopping depending on what your needs are.  In person or virtual, this program can get you moving into a great place to transform your home.

Reinvent your Home coaching/design program - Are you struggling with needing change and wondering how to do it.  This program is a cross between DIY and Designer expertise.  It's a great way to get through a lot of the overwhelm and move forward.

Design Concierge service - Are you doing some ongoing work? Do you have ongoing questions  and problems that may need some attention but not the full course of attention of a remodel.  We will customize a monthly program to your project with some one on one time and email support.

Full service design - whether it's draperies, furniture, bathroom remodel, kitchen remodel or whole home remodels, we are here to help you.   We will customize a package to fit your needs for your project.  

House Energy Clearing -  Clear out the energy from the past and start anew.



You don't have to do this alone, I can guide you along your journey to a new vision for your home.

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