I work with you to take you from not feeling your best by stepping into a beautiful space.

Changing the energy in your space is the key to creating a fresh start.

When you discover your design blueprint your home can inspire you to be your best self and create a an environment you will love.to come home to.



Color can make or break your mood.

Choosing a paint color is one of the most stressful decisions in home decorating.

There are so many colors! Worries about whether or not it will go with what you have and future purchases or if it will get boring or tiring in a few months could give you many sleepless nights.

Trusting designers that tell you that one color fits all just doesn't seem right.

There is a simpler way to choose the color for your home.

Take the stress out of your color decision.

In this 3 part series, you will learn the keys to choose the right colors to create the mood you desire in your home. 


You too can create a home that uplifts you, inspires you, and calms you.


Look at color with a new pair of eyes.



Your home mirrors your feelings and can cause you to feel drained and overwhelmed.

Create peace in your home by decluttering, and creating energy flow.


Create flow with furniture and accessory placement. Precise furniture placement can create more flow and ease in your life.

Things feeling discombobulated is a sign that the home needs an energy clearing.


Clear any energies from past owners or events that don't serve you for your highest good. 


You will be able to reach your highest potential when your home energy is clear and flowing.


Get a fresh start! 

Feel the peace of home.




People spend thousands hiring a designer.


You can get my design secrets so that you can DIY like a pro.   

The key is to know about your personal design blueprint. Once you know what this blueprint is, you can use it in all facets of your life.


Take the stress out of any decorating decision. All you have to do is to check it against your blueprint and you will know if it fits for you.

In this VIP day, Learn about your personal customized design blueprint and never worry about whether or not your furniture or accessories work together again.  Your homes will always be in harmony.

Learn how to use it as we do a (virtual or in-person) blueprint practicum of your home. See where your home is following the design blueprint or where it requires some change.

Get the tools required to be able to say "I did it my way."



It's time for change. Where do you begin?

There's so much to learn and to figure out.

Tired of trying to do it all by yourself? This group design practicum will teach you the design tools you require to decorate your home and hold your hand through the design transformation process.

There are times in life when you need to reinvent yourself. Reinventing yourself means reinventing your home so that you can have a strong foundation to begin your life again. 

Where do you begin?

Get in touch with your story, Get in touch with the life you desire, discover the real you again by discovering your design blueprint and get inspiration for the next part of your life.

Get your design blueprint, Get the tools to avoid the 2 biggest categories that people make mistakes in the home projects.

Get the step by step assistance you need to reinvent your home.

Create a home that fits your lifestyle.



Unique clients require unique solutions.


We love working with clients one on one to create a home that fits their lifestyle and needs.



We work together to create a home you love to live in, that nurtures you and your home.


Sign up for the Get Inspired session and we can create a package just for you.




Create Your Queendom is the ultimate experience for relaxation and rejuvenation.


We invite our clients to take a day of self-care while their space gets transformed into a beautiful, functional, and amazing queendom.


C. Organization Works and Interior Designer Jeanette Chasworth are excited to collaborate together.

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