Shelter in Place/Work at Home

Shelter in place/work at home has all of us spending more time in our homes. Suddenly our homes are being used in different ways.  Our homes are our sanctuary and they are even more so now that we are in them 24/7. 

Homes all over the country are having to find space for offices and schooling.  People are looking for places to find privacy and separation from the family while still being connected.

It's so important to make sure that your home fits your new lifestyle, even if it's just temporary.  You may be looking around and thinking about all the projects you want to do around the house.  This is a great time to take on that project, clean that closet, rearrange the living room.  Whatever you need to do to make your home feel better now is gonna help you be more at ease for the duration of this lockdown. 

Your home affects how you think, how you feel and how you live.  Some simple changes can make a big difference between your home draining you and agitating you or supporting and working for you.  Your home can give you a sense of calm and peace right now. We all need to create some private sanctuary right now.

Your home is an extension of you.  When it reflects your own unique style, you feel more real, more empowered, more yourself than ever before.  Imagine how you feel in your favorite outfit. What if your home could make you feel like that every day?  One of the questions I often receive is "what's my style?  I know what I like but I don't know what my style is".  That's one of the things I help you discover when you work with me.  I help you discover your style and I explain the elements that make you feel more alive.

Are you struggling to repurpose your home during this time?  Are you having difficulty balancing work and home?

If you are struggling with adjusting your home to its new requirements, I have something to help.

Complimentary 1 room virtual makeover

Identify your biggest problem

Get ideas on how you can create a better office environment

Create a better work-life balance.

Your home will work for you

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