Celebrating life

Since I was a teenager I have loved going to the Claremont village. It was filled with unique stores and had one of the coolest record stores around. I still love going there although the attraction may be more centered around fresh baked breads, Italian pasta or independent movies.

I went there during lock-down and it was sad, some of the stores had even boarded up their windows

Today I went there and all the doors were open. People are excited to be at work. An open sign wasn't enough. They needed the physical expression of being open. It was a hot day but it didn't matter.

It was glorious witnessing their celebration. A celebration of life. For small business owners in particular.... work is an expression of ourselves...we love what we do and love sharing with our customers.

Each store welcomed me with great zeal. They are thrilled to be able to share again. I felt like I was celebrating with them.

How are you celebrating? We need to celebrate life every day and it takes so little to create some joy.

Maybe it's time to celebrate your home. What changes would bring you joy?

Schedule your complimentary 30 minute zoom call to see how you can celebrate your home.


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