Coming Out of Her Cocoon

She went from her father's house to her husband's house. 52 years of marriage full of happy memories. He was sick for 4 years and then he was gone.

The house felt empty and everywhere there were memories of a world that could never be again.

It was time to move. Time to be on her own for the first time in her life.

For the first time, she chose the place, the furnishings, the accessories. For the first time it was all her.

"I want a lilac bedroom" she exclaimed. "I've always wanted lilac. This is my coming out of my cocoon and I want lilac to help."

Lilac it was and beautiful purple butterflies to help express her journey. In this environment, she flourished, finding herself in new ways, earning her wings.

Learning to fly is about really seeing all the joy around you. Like tinker bell says, “think a happy thought."

As adults, our fairy dust may come in the form of our environment and creating a home that inspires a happy thought. Once that happy thought is there, you can stretch your wings and fly.

Learn how to work with your personal energy as you start to see how a redesign of your home can help you redesign your own feeling of peace and security during shelter in place. Read more....


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