Exploring the power of color

Today I went to a meeting and someone asked me what was the color of composure.

She was clearly struggling with some emotional issues but wasn't willing to go deep into it at the time.

My answer was that it wasn't so simple. So there's color psychology that could give her strength. And yet that really wasn't what she needed.

For this case I had to go into the personality of color and find her power color, the one that made her the strongest, most beautiful, most powerful her. I told her what colors to look at for composure.

I was also able to do some energy healing on her during the meeting, giving her some calm.

Between the two, she did calm down, she did find composure and it lasted well beyond the meeting.

My clients are often in some state of overwhelm from recent life events, sometimes just from construction or all the change around it. I have many ways to help them through. It's all part of healing the home.

Clear out the negative energy that may be locked in your home from previous owners, or from difficult times in your life. Create a fresh start and happy home. Read more....


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