Falling in love with your home all over again

We are sheltered in place and homes are our sanctuary. What can you do to romance your home at this time? What can you do to build the relationship you have with your home?

I personally have been looking around my home and thinking, I need to change the furniture. I have been wanting to try some new ideas and now there's no excuses. Move a few pieces of furniture and moving accessories around are a great way to change the energy in my home.

I collect teapots and I am always rearranging them for the season or my mood. I will put some away, bring others out and create new arrangements. Some of them "want" to be in certain areas and "dislike" being in others. Each one is different, has it's own personality and needs.

I have also been noticing all the places where the paint needs touch up. These are little things that happen slowly over the years but still show wear and tear on the home. It's a simple thing to fix and yet it's something that often goes unnoticed or neglected. It's such a simple way to show my home I care.

I have heard lots of reports of people cleaning and organizing. This is a great way to commune with your home. It will definitely thank you for it. I know whenever I do this, I literally feel a weight lifted off my home. How many bags I give away, is a direct correlation to how much lighter the house feels. And cleaning, now we have the chance to do some of that deep cleaning that we don't always get to. But your home will appreciate the TLC. Have you ever noticed the energy changes when the house is cleaner, it feels freer, it feels lighter. It's not just the smell of pine sol (or whatever you use) that makes a home feel clean. It's the energy of clean. Much like a shower can wash off the spoils of the day. Your home occasionally needs the same level of care.

Be creative. I read a book years ago, that God speaks through creativity. It is how He communicates with us. I love this idea. I know when I have those creative sparks, they do feel as if they are given to me. They always seem to be bigger than me and I know that the results are often things that I know I never would have done on my own. There is a lot of fear out there right now. Let's get in touch with our creative self, get deeper in touch with our faith, feeling that wonderful spark of creativity puts us in touch with a deeper part of ourselves. So be creative today. Whether it's in what you make for dinner or how you stack your toilet paper. Have some fun.

If you need help being creative, or need help romancing your home, please contact me for ideas or questions. I'm here to help.

I am offering a free 30 minute virtual design session to anyone who needs some help.


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