Getting the Wheels in Motion

Work had been sluggish lately. Kevin was struggling with his home office. It was draining him instead of inspiring him. He felt unmotivated and didn't know what to do.

Kevin called me hoping that a change of wall color may help.

After a brief conversation about what his work entailed and what he was struggling with, I was able to suggest some colors for him to consider.

As I was discussing the colors, my intuition kicked in and said there's something else. I asked him what else was in the room. He described some pictures he had of his other passion, riding motorcycles. However, the pictures were of the bikes standing still.

His energy needed motion and even though these pictures were loved, they were not a reflection of his energy.

I suggested some pictures that did reflect his energy and he immediately perked up - just looking at the suggestions. Getting the wheels in motion in the pictures, got his wheels in motion in business again.

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