Have you noticed the energy changing?

A few weeks before Covid started, I did a deep spring cleaning, throwing out several trashcans worth of stuff and giving several bags to the goodwill. That wasn't enough though. Apparently. Then lock-down came and I started noticing more things in the house that needed fixing. The "honey do" list suddenly seemed a lot more pressing.

The pond spitter broke and suddenly it became an "urgent" matter to fix. Done.

The door didn't shut right and that needed fixing. Done.

More deeper cleaning, dusting etc. Done.

Washing the windows. Done.

The tub didn't drain fast and needed attention. Done.

Paperwork needed to be filed. Done.

Places that needed touch up paint. Done.

Each week, more got added to the "honey do" list and each week I tackled something on it. And each week, the house felt happier, stronger and you know what so did I. These "little" things had been "bugging" me for a long time. And while none of these things were bad in and of themselves, it was an unconscious, thing I hadn't completed. It was like a little jab every time I walked by or used it. Each thing that got fixed, seemed to heal the home and seemed to heal something in me. Our homes are a reflection of ourselves, and yes, I had been showing the wear and tear of the last few years.

Some of you know the last few years have been very challenging for me personally and the house took the back burner. Yes, I know better. I did use my own methods to cope with many of the challenges and they helped a lot. But it wasn't enough. Covid has asked us to take a deeper look, to not settle for things that aren't right. There's no room for "making do". It works or it doesn't work. If it doesn't work: get rid of it, fix it, or let it go. It's been a tough few months, but can you feel the healing? I can. Do you feel the energy changing?

Does any of this sound familiar? Have you been taking a closer look? Is there something you can't see? I couldn't do all these things myself. I needed to call in help, someone who knew the subject better than I did. I am pretty handy but plumbing is not my thing and fixing the door was easy...once I had the right tools which took several trips to the hardware store. Sometimes you need someone else to help you look deeper.

Have you discovered some things that you need help with?

I am here to help you go deeper. Get some new drapes, replace the sofa, finally create your spa bathroom, create the kitchen of your dreams.

Schedule a free 30 minute zoom call with me and let's look at what's bugging you.


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