Healing your home

Your home is a reflection of you. When your heart aches, your home aches with it. When you feel "broken", things get ignored. The drapery rod, the shower curtain, a broken drawer, a table cluttered with papers you can't face.

All of these things may be difficult to face. Maybe it's the medical papers for a loved one, clothes of a deceased family member, piles of knickknacks that someday may be worth money but you have no idea how to find the person ready to buy.

Change brings challenges. Like it or not. Sometimes those changes feel insurmountable.

Sometimes, when we start healing the home, the home begins to heal us.

Fix that broken drapery rod, that broken drawer and you'll start to feel the house get stronger. Start cleaning out the drawers, closets and cupboards and the home will feel lighter.

As each of these things happens, you will feel more whole as well, you will get stronger.

When you change the energy, you can change your life.

What are you wanting to change?

Do you feel like you are receiving a warm and loving hug when you walk into your home? Not only should your home feel like the safest place on earth, but it should serve as an energetic refueling station for your own personal energy. Read more...


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