Innovative ways to deal with a bathroom window

What do you do when you have a bathroom window needs privacy and you still have to deal with water? There are lots of window challenges and bathrooms are a big one. The moisture and water creates an interesting problem because it  can create mold in fabrics or shades.  

One solution is stained glass. The options are endless in colors and designs.  It offers privacy from the outside and still lets plenty of light in.

One of my clients created this beautiful window. It immortalizes two beloved pets and gives the client a sense of peace and relaxation. It's uniqueness is a great talking point as the window faces the front of the house and can be seen from the road.

The bathroom before was plain and utilitarian. The renovation created a unique spa -like atmosphere where she could relax and release the troubles of the day. The stained glass provides just the right touch to make this the personal sanctuary she needed.

I have used stained glass windows in many situations, each one is a unique and beautiful expression of the client. It's a wonderful way to solve your window treatment issue.

Feel the power of change. When you change your home, you allow it to tell a new story.  Let's create a new story right now, a better story. Read more...


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