Jack of Hearts

Jackie and Jack had been married for more than 50 years when he died. Her heart broken, she couldn't stay in the home she shared with him and decided to downsize to something that fit her taste and her needs better. She found a place with tremendous views and could sit and look at them all day.

Some of her furniture she kept, others she let go of and purchased new. One thing was really important. She needed to honor Jack. She couldn't have too many reminders of a life that could not be anymore and she couldn't throw away a life she loved. His picture had always been over the fireplace. That didn't seem right here. He got a special place in the hallway but this was HER house. It had to reflect that.

Then she pulled out the scarf. This scarf was bought on a trip to Italy, in a little store by the Spanish Steps. They had stepped in it together and there was this large scarf with the jack of hearts on it. She fell in love with it. For some reason, they didn't buy it though. The next day they were to leave. As it was getting close, he said...I have to go out, I will be back. He raced to the little shop at the Spanish Steps and bought it for her as a surprise. They almost missed the plane but she was so tickled he had done that.

It was a very special memory, a very special vacation and a very special scarf, because he was her Jack of hearts. We framed the scarf and hung it up over the fireplace. This way she could be close to her Jack, the prince of her heart and she didn't have the heavy reminder of having his picture there. Love may change but it never dies.

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