Mother Mary said to me…

There's a statue of Mary next to my fireplace.

Many people question me on it. I'm not a regular churchgoer and most people who have statues of her make it a bit of a shrine, so some may see it as disrespectful.

The thing is, this statue means many things to me. I was brought up Catholic and I respect what she means...but more than that, she's a memory of my grandmother.

My mom was the youngest of 9. When grandma died, we were asked what we wanted. Apparently, a pretty hot commodity was some porcelain friars that had rings of hair on their heads. Well needless to say, they were taken. A few other items that had dear memories of visiting grandma had been spoken for as well. Mary was one of the items that were left and I said yes to her.

My grandmother was very Catholic and she prayed a lot. She really had a nice way of praying, it was more of a conversation than repeating memorized prayers.

I remember staying at her house and the guest bed was just the other side of the wall from her room. I would go to sleep listening to her pray. She prayed for EVERYONE and that took awhile with so many of us. I heard her pray for struggles the others went through and praise for their success. I knew that she did for me as well. God was more of a friend to her and I believe that is what it should be.

Her faith was strong! It had reason to be. She nursed my mother back to health from polio. Buried 2 of her children before they were 25 and had lost a baby. There were many trials she faced and all of them with faith.

When I feel weak, when I struggle, I look at the statue and I feel my grandma's faith and it's a reminder that anything is possible. Sometimes I'll reach out and talk to her. Love doesn't die. She can hear me, I know it. I always feel comforted when I do. It's just a different kind of communication.

When I had my last miscarriage I was devastated. I knew there would be no more. No more kids, no more opportunities. Done. I reached out to her strength, her faith to help me through the grief. I know she was there...praying with me, praying for me with all the love and support she did on earth.

So yes I have a statue of Mary. It doesn't "go" in the traditional sense of the word but it is an integral part of my world.

When someone dies, it helps to have a piece of them to keep them close. To keep connection. It may be large or small, it doesn't matter. Honoring that relationship is an important part of building who we are becoming.

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