The Broken Piano

He played the piano every night. It was the thing that gave him great joy. For those moments, he became one with the instrument, creating music, creating joy, creating memories.

Music has a way of working into our soul, touching our lives, embedding memories into our minds. It can cheer us up, help us to release tears, fill our hearts with love.

When the kids were little, he played them to sleep. He serenaded her many evenings with songs of love.

Now, the stool sat empty. The piano silent. It had been 2 years since it had made music. Several keys had broken, it was out of tune and very sad.

She looked at it every day with sadness. It had once been a source of joy and comfort and now it was just a reminder of a life that no longer existed. The piano was a physical "ghost" of a life that was gone.

At first, she thought, if she could learn to play, to hear it make music again would bring her joy. A friend came over and played. The piano sounded sick and the music was missing soul, his soul. It could never have that life again.

It was time. She hadn't wanted to do it but it was clear, it was time. It was time to give away the piano. Better that it could bring someone else joy because all it gave her was tears.

It was difficult watching the piano leave but it was going to a good home and it would live again there.

The empty space that was left filled her with tears. She let the tears flow, to let the grief stream through her.

Tomorrow was a new day. Tomorrow she was getting a beautiful bookcase to hold all her books. Her beautiful books that transported her to other worlds and experiences, would finally have a place as beautiful and unique as the stories it held. She had wanted this bookcase for a long time. It would fill the space with joy again.

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