The Grandfather Clock

She had wanted a grandfather clock as long as she remembered. Do you know the song about the grandfather clock that grows old with grandfather and stops when he dies? That was mesmerizing to her. The creativity in designs, the traditional longevity of the clock all struck a chord in her. Her grandmother had had a grandmother clock as well, and grandma ticked. She didn't think that grandma even knew it, but when she breathed at times, she ticked in time with the clock. The clock somehow was her friend.

Every time they went to the store, she would look at the grandfather clocks and fantasize about having one, admiring the beauty in each one. And then he would say..."I don't like that one." What?! Heart crushed, she would look for another she liked and asked him what he thought. Nope, nope, nope. But he said he liked the idea of having a grandfather clock. Each trip to the store was just filled with more and more frustration.

Finally, after not finding anything he liked and asking enough of the wrong questions, she landed on the right question and she got the answer. "I don't like the horns" he said.

"The horns?" she queried

"You know at the top" he said

BOINNGGGG she got it! Now she knew what he didn't like. That made life so much simpler.

Several months later, he went to visit his dying grandfather. She went out shopping with her mom. They found this furniture store that was going out of business and went in. There it was!!! She fell in love AND it didn't have horns. Even better it went with the marquetry in the bed which she knew he loved AND it was 50% off! Mom saw the look on her face and offered to pay for half. The rest was in the "we have to discuss this together " price range but he was not available. It didn't matter, it was too good to pass up. This was THEIR clock and it was time.

Three days later he came home. It was time to come clean. She brought him into the store and said "I bought something in here and you have to guess what it is."

1 a thousand, 2 a thousand, the seconds passed. 3 a thousand "You bought a clock, THAT clock!"

Not only had he guessed immediately, he knew which one it was among the 20 on the wall. He teased her for buying without him but he saw that it was truly perfect. And when perfect happens, you gotta enjoy perfect.

He kissed her and said, "It will be a reminder of my grandfather as well. It's OUR grandfather clock."

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