The Hunt for the Perfect Coffee Table

The Hunt for the Perfect Coffee Table

The living room was an ODD shape, very wide and not very deep. Where do we put the sofa? Where do we put the TV?

Several tries were made until they realized that the existing furniture was not going to work. Time to create a new concept. What do you need in the space? What do we want to do in here? How do we want to live?

The professional was called in to create a good space plan. Some furniture stayed; a new, smaller sofa was ordered to fit the parameters of the space plan.

But then there was the coffee table....It had to be small. Where would they find one? Doing cubes or stands didn't fit the aesthetic. She wanted wood.

You know what happens when you ask a question, the brain starts looking for answers. What kind of table would work here?

Then one day going through an antique store...there it was. The perfect table. It was a very small tea table. Had beautiful turned legs, it even had leaves that could fold down which made if very versatile.

Somebody else's trash was her treasure and was perfect for her new space.

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