The Music Mural

He loved music. He played the organ whenever he could. The family was always going to concerts; organ concerts. Concerts in theatres decorated in the 30s that were grand and ornate taught her appreciation for architecture. Some were in homes that people opened up and one was even an auto-body shop that had an organ in the back where a blind girl often played. There were even pizza parlors with big pipe organs.

Then there was the Roof Craft Mini-Theatre. Roof Craft was the name of his business and it was a mini-theatre. The living room of an average size 1960s tract home had been doubled to accommodate an audience. Prior to the expansion, the organ had been in several places in the home and nothing seemed to fit. It wasn't where it belonged, partially because it hadn't been made what it was supposed to be yet. It was just an organ in a room. But this organ was never meant for that.

This little nondescript organ was to become something so much greater. The first step was giving it the honor it deserved. The room. Now it had a place to be played and to be heard. That wasn't enough. After seeing all these fancy organs, there were plans in place to create "bells and whistles" on this organ. Eventually it would have snare drums, lightning, triangle, doorbell, bird whistle, and many more. It rivaled some of the best when it came to "toys" as they called them.

But now it had to LOOK like a theatre. How to do that and still keep it a home on the days it wasn't being used as a theatre. A mural. Ahhhh, that's the ticket! The perfect way to build any backdrop he wanted. There was a grand theatre in San Diego he loved....and it was gone. But he had a picture. The muralist brought it to life. The old theatre lived on and a new one was given life.

The Roof Craft mini theatre had monthly concerts for 12 years and gave many people hours of joy and entertainment.

The mural continued on for 30 years to give joy to the home and its inhabitants.

The mural is gone now...the house has a new owner but it's there underneath a coat of paint. It knows how much joy it created. It knows that it still can give joy in that house because the music that was created there permeated the walls and will forever be bringing joy to the home.

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