Using Color to Spark Energy

Rainy days and Mondays always get me down.

What about when it's a rainy Monday? and you want to just crawl under the covers and stay there.

Well, if you're working from home, maybe that works. I find it's not just about curling up with covers. It's a great day for movies and books. Let's face it, here in CA, it's about as close as we get to a "snow day".

Some may be working at home and curling up in bed with your laptop works just fine for this rainy California day. Still, you may require some motivation to keep you from going over to Netflix for just "one" episode of your favorite show.

So how do you get motivated? Coffee? Workout? Music?

What if color could get you UP and moving?

Do you need some creativity today? Put on some orange and spark those creative juices for how to make it a "Happy Monday".

Maybe you need to get on the phone and do some sales calls, get some yellow around you to lift your spirits away from the rain.

Or you just need more energy to get out from under the covers....Get some red to help excite you today....get the energy moving.

Use the color around you to spark your energy and who knows instead of pulling out your Carpenters album, you may just be singing Oh What a Beautiful Morning instead. What color do you need to inspire you today?


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