What makes a house a home

When we move, there are things that get tossed because they are no longer useful. There are things that get purchased to fit the new needs of the home. But there's always something that makes it home. It may be a picture or an accessory or a piece of furniture. It doesn't matter what it is, it's home.

I am remembering an episode of Little House on the Prairie. Ma had a porcelain figurine that she put on the fireplace. No matter where they were or how often they moved. That doll had a place of honor.

For one client, it was a picture of a beach scene that she felt connected to. For another, it was a family heirloom. It had been a pump organ and when the organ no longer worked, it was converted to a bookshelf.

Everyone has that one special item that makes it feel like home. As we go through changes, that item may change to fit our situation.

As humans, we crave a certain level of continuity. Our lives may be in constant change but having one thing that connects us to our past, that feels like home, helps us to deal with the changes.

What's your thing?

Stuck at home? You've cleaned, you've organized. Whats next?

Let's recreate your living space so that you can enjoy living in your own personal sanctuary. Find out more here!


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