Why a sharpie is your best friend

I have many tools in my designer toolbox but one of the best ones is a set of sharpies. I always keep a black sharpie and a brown one in my kit. Occasionally I find more colors and they are advantageous, but the black and brown sharpie are my staples.

I keep them because they can fix so many things. If there's a scratch on a piece of furniture or picture or floor, a sharpie can fix a myriad of things.

Many people know this and they try to use it to a lot of frustration. It's because there is a certain technique that makes it work. You see the sharpie is too dark by itself. You don't want to just fill in the scratch. The trick is that you wipe it off right after you put it on. That way it isn't so dark. It creates more of the texture of wood. Just keep putting it on and wiping it off until you get the desired color.

So you see, you already have a great fix it tool in your home and now you know how to use it. Many scratches can be made invisible with just the stroke of a pen.

Redesigning your home during quarantine will bring you energy and a much-needed dose of human creative expression and it will be fun!

  • Learn how to work with your personal energy as you start to see how a redesign of your home can help you redesign your own feeling of peace and security during shelter in place.

  • Feel the power of change.  When you change your home, you allow it to tell a new story.  Let's create a new story right now, a better story.

  • Optimize your sanctuary during quarantine by committing to redesigning the flow in your home, while you are spending more time there than ever before.



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