The Color of Success

You've heard of the power suit but what exactly makes it powerful?  Is it the color? the cut? yes, but more importantly it's how it makes you feel, and the power that exudes from you. Are you on a path to success?  As they say, think it and it is so...be it and it will be.   How do you get into that vibe of success before you make it....it's in being dressed in colors that make you feel more powerful, and an environment that feeds your soul and give you energy.  You can't become successful if you are tired all the time. Creating a space that helps you create the life you want is an important part of your success. 

There's No Place Like Home!

Every life is a journey, and just
like Dorothy had the shoes to get home all along, you also hold the key to your journey. Using color, you can discover new things about yourself and see how color can help you recreate your world.

After a loss, we often lose ourselves and have to find the magic inside....it's always right there, you just need to access it. Find out how color can help you find your place.

Design for Better Health

Your home affects you and your health in subtle ways.  Colors can drain or energize you.  Floor plans can expand your space or make you feel claustrophobic.   There are many aspects of design that can help you to life a better lifestyle, make daily activities easier, and make your home more accessible for friends and family.

 Jeanette Chasworth 
- The Color Whisperer -

I believe in the transformational power of design and color. I draw inspiration from the homeowners’ lifestyle, taste and experiences and also attune myself to the house itself. This unique combination creates individualized design from a soulful place that brings out the best visually, for my clients and their environment.

I've taught many  students at Citrus College in Glendora, the University of California at Riverside, and Mt. San Antonio College in Walnut as an instructor.  My work has been
featured in Arts and Crafts Home Magazine and I'm the author of “What’s Color Got to Do With It?” published in 2011. For a complimentary sample chapter, please click here.

I strongly believe that when you change the
surroundings in your home, your life will be transformed allowing you to heal your past and step into your future with the solid foundation of a home that flourishes around you.  When you are ready to bring your home to life, please contact me at 626.485.6354 and you too, will feel “hugged by your home.”

Breaking the Cocoon.

We all have trials and tribulations and suffer loss of some kind at some point in our lives. Often when you experience loss, you retreat in, build a cocoon to protect you from pain. Breaking the cocoon is a necessary part of the grieving process.  Find out how you can break through your cocoon.

What's Color Got to Do With it?

Is color influencing your actions?
Color affects every part of our lives. Each color has a psychological affect on how we respond to our surroundings. This talk will teach you how to use color to work for you to create an environment that makes you feel good and supports the lifestyle
that you live.