The Language of Color

Discover the Power of Color

Did you know that fast food restaurants use color to speed you through your meal? Or that color can affect how you feel in a room? Or even keep you up at night? Large companies spend thousands of dollars consulting color experts, using the colors to influence what you buy and how you feel in their space.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful to use that power to work for your home and/or workplace?


Understanding your own personal relationship to color can drastically improve your life by helping you feel more relaxed, extend your concentration, and boost your immunity and productivity.


In this training, you’ll discover how: by using the Power of Color, you can create a home where you can relax and recharge… one that supports you in the way you need.

In addition to the personal attention you’ll receive, you’ll also get instant access to nearly two hours of content-rich audio training, the word-for-word transcripts, and exclusive bonus worksheets.

How much have you spent buying things that were wrong for You? Here's a chance for a new You -- the real You -- the best You!

Virtual "Whispering" Tour


You’ve watched HGTV, you’ve flipped longingly through all the interior design magazines... yet when you look at that room in your house that desperately needs help, you're not quite sure how to make it look amazing. You’ve tried rearranging the furniture in the room, but it still doesn’t work or is not comfortable. And every time you enter the room, it drains your energy and even though you’d like to paint it, picking out paint colors or a color scheme is just not your thing.

I’ve helped hundreds of people just like you not only see the hidden potential in their home, but to bring it foward and thriive. Whether you're staging your home for resale or finally making it your own incredible space, the Virtual Whispering Tour will help you to unlock the possibilities. 

From this one room E-Makeover, you will:

identify the true potential in your room,

discover the steps you need to take to make it your dream room, determine whether you can do it on your own or if it would be better to hire a professional (and if so, tips to do just that!), and discover how this makeover could improve the quality of your day-to-day life.


Find out just how much more you can love where you live!

The first thing that surprised me about Jeanette’s Discover the Power of Color was how right-on the color personality description was.  I’ve done other personality profiles before, but have never fallen into one single category.  Until now.  There is no doubt that I am an Autumn, the description fit too perfectly.

Using this new way of seeing myself, I bought a new orange sweater, something that I wouldn’t have considered before.  And I loved it from the moment I put it on!  Not just how I looked in it, which was nice, but how it made me feel.  I’ve never felt so pretty in my clothes before.

I didn’t realize how important color is to our lives.  Thank you, Jeanette, for introducing me to this idea.  My wardrobe, and my life, will never be the same.

~Lesa Townsend
Website Marketing and Strategy Consultant

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