Vision Board your

Sacred Space

It's January and it's a time when new beginnings and new years resolutions are everywhere.

What do you want to change this year?

Your Home is YOUR sacred space.  The one place you have control over, the place you go when the world is overwhelming.  Is it a place that revives your soul or does it tear you down. 

Your home can be a sacred space that fills your spirit.  Want to find out how?

Your home is a reflection of yourself.  Have you ever noticed that it literally gets harder to think when your home is messy and when you clean it, it suddenly feels better and you can think clearer.   

This year it's time to put you first, to put your dream into action.  The first step is to create a dreamboard of what that looks like.  An easy way to recreate you is to recreate your home. 


When you change your home it can:

  • Create a calmer space for you to relax from the world

  • give you better sleep

  • improve relationships

  • improve your health

  • save time

  • make you feel like the queen you are

  • empower you and make you feel spoiled

  • and much much more.

Please come and join me 

Wednesday January 30 at 5pm-7pm pacific.

Bring your pictures and ideas to this zoom call.

As a group we will go over the tenets of creating the right energy in the room and everyone will get a chance to share and we will create your dream.  

This is normally a $297 course but to help you reach your sacred space, I am offering it at a discounted price of only $97

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